Join a Revolution in June in Monterey!

Chipp Walters chipp at
Fri Feb 18 00:57:07 EST 2005

Yes Andre,

It was a great time and hopefully will even be better this year! This 
time we're hoping for a great lineup including Mr. Gaskin, the infamous 
Ken Ray, Ms Jacque Landman Gay, Mr Quicktime himself- Trevor DeVore and 
the fabulous Scott Rossi (you didn't forget his amazing demos last 
year?) and hopefully a team from Scotland. Of course there will be 
others as well (including Jerry Daniel's very very funny 'MC' vs 'RR' 
IDE shoot-out?). Also, Tuviah's already mentioned he's planning to make it!

We're hoping to double the size and quadruple the fun. Sounds like we'll 
need a bigger room, especially for the Brazillian contingent.

And we hope folks who couldn't make it last year will attend this year. 
(Dar that means you!) Dan wants to open up both tracks for registration, 
and I agree. The idea being if you want to attend the Masters Summit and 
the advanced topics talked about there, then great. Or, if you'd rather 
spend time fine-tuning your chops in the introductory/intermediate 
sessions, then go for it!

We'll be asking soon for specific topic suggestions, so that RMS can 
truly be one great Revolution Developer Conference. I'm certainly 
looking forward to it!

We'll be posting more information as it becomes available, but judging 
from the response Dan has already received, we'll be both chatting it up 
at dinner again (or, er, um, me listening, you chatting? :-)


Andre Garzia wrote:
> On Feb 16, 2005, at 9:50 PM, Dan Shafer wrote:
>> A group of us are trying to determine if there's enough interest to 
>> expand our Monterey-based Revolution developer gathering June 24-25 to 
>> encompass a second track for people who are beginning or intermediate 
>> developers. As you may know, we held the first annual Revolution 
>> Masters Summit last July in Monterey and it was a smash hit. But it 
>> was an invitation-only affair. This year, we are *considering* adding 
>> a companion conference open to anyone who wants to attend and learn 
>> from those who are invited to attend the Revolution Masters Summit 
>> *and* speak to and mentor for those attending the main conference.
> Dan,
> man... I loved monterey!!! I must save some money to make it there this 
> year, my mileage program ended... :D but I'll make it, you'll have to 
> hear more crazy stories round a dinner table! :D
> Folks, monterey rocks and the RMS was a wonderfull conference and place 
> to see some people we know only by emails!
> Andre

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