MySQL and Mac OS 9

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Thu Feb 17 14:29:47 EST 2005

On Feb 17, 2005, at 11:02 AM, Chris Sheffield wrote:

> That's exactly the problem.  I found out that the CODE resource is 
> located
> in the license.rev file in the Revolution 2.5 folder.  The resource 
> contains
> the library for "revdb" among other things.  Unfortunately, even after
> copying the resource to my standalone it still doesn't work.  I get a 
> type
> 1010 error.  I remember a similar problem back when I first started 
> with
> Valnentina and it had something to do with the ID of the CODE resource 
> not
> matching the ID of the resource in the Valentina XCMD library or some 
> weird
> thing like that.
> So I'm investigating that now.  I'll post again if I can figure it out.

What is the ID revDB has once you paste it into your code resource?  If 
I remember correctly the ID mod 3 has to equal 0 (or something like 
that).  Notice that all of the IDs in the license.rev file fit this 

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