Introducing our new Evangelist

Klaus Major klaus at
Thu Feb 17 08:45:46 EST 2005

Hi Kevin,

> Hi everyone,
> It is my pleasure to introduce Ro Nagey <ro at> as our new
> Evangelist for Dreamcard and Revolution.  His AIM screen name is 
> RunRevRo.
> Ro is available to discuss any ideas or concerns you may have, help 
> promote
> your Revolution-built applications, and promote your products through 
> our
> revSelect program.  He will stay in regular contact with you all and 
> feed
> your suggestions directly into the company at all levels.  I'm sure Ro 
> will
> become quite a thorn in our sides, that's his job :)
> (Please note that PR will continue to be handled with usual 
> proficiency by
> Rod McCall <rodmc at> and technical support questions should
> continue to be addressed to our support team <support at>.)


> Welcome, Ro.

Yo, Ro! :-)

> Kind regards,
> Kevin
> Kevin Miller ~ kevin at ~
> Runtime Revolution - User-Centric Development Tools


Klaus Major
klaus at

Any chance to see an update soon?
To be able to build a standalone with NON-rev externals WOULD be fine 

I found a wonderful FREE! REV-app "Simple CSS", a nice CSS editor, on 
the net!
Don't know who created it, but check it out, it's cool! :-)

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