Introducing our new Evangelist

Kevin Miller kevin at
Thu Feb 17 08:18:45 EST 2005

Hi everyone,

It is my pleasure to introduce Ro Nagey <ro at> as our new
Evangelist for Dreamcard and Revolution.  His AIM screen name is RunRevRo.
Ro is available to discuss any ideas or concerns you may have, help promote
your Revolution-built applications, and promote your products through our
revSelect program.  He will stay in regular contact with you all and feed
your suggestions directly into the company at all levels.  I'm sure Ro will
become quite a thorn in our sides, that's his job :)

(Please note that PR will continue to be handled with usual proficiency by
Rod McCall <rodmc at> and technical support questions should
continue to be addressed to our support team <support at>.)

Welcome, Ro.

Kind regards,


Kevin Miller ~ kevin at ~
Runtime Revolution - User-Centric Development Tools

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