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Custom props are good since they stick with the object. If you have one 
main field then the custom prop would go in it and then later if you 
brought that field into another stack the custom prop would go with it.

Franks idea is another way too.
Store the list of words as a set of items on a single line for each 

delimited lines are like separate fields when used from within a 
script. If you are checking a clicked word I think it would be easier 
to check a series of lines in just one field or variable like Frank 
suggested. The field or the local/global variable can be just like the 
custom prop. You can have comma delimited lines in a custom prop the 
same as in a field or in a variable.

If you are going to change the items a lot then maybe an editor would 
work where you have a field to type into and then copy/place that in a 
variable or custom prop for import  into your main stack. Then you can 
close the editor and don't have to worry about any hidden fields at 



On Feb 16, 2005, at 10:13 AM, Mark Swindell wrote:

> That sounds like a good solution.  Thanks.  I don't do custom 
> properties very well yet ... let's say I had 20 sets of such grouped 
> sets of words in three separate fields.  What might be the most 
> efficient container system to hold these groups?  Instinctively I'd 
> just put them in 20 hidden fields and reference those, but that's 
> probably not the cleanest solution (though it might be the easiest to 
> manage and edit).
> Thanks,
> Mark

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