how to Progress Bar?

Wilhelm Sanke sanke at
Wed Feb 16 17:40:44 EST 2005

On Thu Feb 17, 2005, Dwayne Rothe drothe at wrote:

> I guess this question has been asked a 1000 times before, but I will 
> ask it again just in case you all missed it!
> How do you get a progress bar to work?
> I have looked for example stacks and  docs but can't find anything!
> Any help would be great Thanks.................

 Here is an example stack:


or go to <>, page "Tools and Samples for 
Development" and choose "Farben, Rahmen, Scrollbars". There might be 
other useful stuff there. As the stack has the Metacard extension "mc" 
open it accordingly in the Rev-open dialog.


Wilhelm Sanke

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