Drawing on a player object

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Wed Feb 16 07:31:01 EST 2005

Richard Miller wrote:
> Richard,
> Perhaps I haven't played around with this enough, but I'm having 
> problems with the basic drawing issue. For example, if I do the following:
> on mouseup
>    choose pointer tool
>    choose polygon tool
> end mouseup
> and then start drawing on a buffered player object, I get an image 
> object on top of the player object... not a graphic object.

To get a graphic use:

  choose graphic tool

The individual styles of graphics are created by first setting the style 
of the templateGraphic.

For example, to make an oval you have this:

   set the style of the templateGraphic to oval
   choose graphic tool

Now when you drag out across your card you'll be making an oval graphic.

I rarely use the paint tools and use the graphic tools a lot, so I'd 
prefer if the shape tool names ("rectangle tool", "oval tool" etc.) 
referred to graphic tool modes.  But alas the "choose" convention was 
established years earlier in paint-tools-only HyperCard, so we're stuck 
with it.  Not so bad, though, once you get the hang of it, and it gets 
you into the habit of using the template objects, which can be very 
handy (a stroke of genius, those).

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