Drawing on a player object

Richard Miller wow at together.net
Wed Feb 16 07:19:48 EST 2005


Perhaps I haven't played around with this enough, but I'm having 
problems with the basic drawing issue. For example, if I do the 

on mouseup
    choose pointer tool
    choose polygon tool
end mouseup

and then start drawing on a buffered player object, I get an image 
object on top of the player object... not a graphic object. There 
doesn't seem to be much I can do with that image object to distinguish 
the polygon I drew on it. How can I create an actual polygon graphic 
object over the player object? What's the code I need to use?


On Feb 16, 2005, at 6:46 AM, Richard Gaskin wrote:

> Richard Miller wrote:
>> Thanks Richard, but I'm aware of that piece. It's the actual drawing 
>> I'm having trouble implementing. How do I give that functionality to 
>> a user during runtime?
> Ah.  That's particularly difficult with players, as they generally 
> lose their image while the pointer tool is active.
> You could cheat:  grab a screenshot of the player and place it on top 
> and then hide the player when switching tool modes. That should let 
> your drawing tools work without mucking up the apparent image.  When 
> you resume browse mode just hide or discard the image and show the 
> player again.
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