OT: Why does XP choke on the filename - "com1.gif"

xbury.cs at clearstream.com xbury.cs at clearstream.com
Wed Feb 9 08:20:03 CST 2005

Com1 and com2 are reserved names for "communication" ports such as serial 
ports or virtual ports...

You can for example test a cd by echoing it through the com port as if it 
was a disk...

com3 and 4 might also be taken btw...


On 09.02.2005 15:11:32 use-revolution-bounces wrote:
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>Chalk up another Windoze issue!  I just tried this under W2K:
>1. Create a folder on the desktop (right-click, new, folder)
>2. Name it "com1" or "com2"
>This also complains -- a file with that name already exists!!!   I
>don't see it!  Where?!?!?
>On Feb 9, 2005, at 3:17 AM, Martin Baxter wrote:
>> Please excuse the more or less OT question but I thought maybe one of
>> the
>> wise people here might know the reason for this.
>> Yesterday I decided to transfer some old files from mac to PC via USB
>> flash
>> disk.
>> Turned out there was a file in there called "com1.gif" (someone else
>> sent
>> this to me a long time ago)
>> Windows XP refused to copy this to the PC hard disk.
>> It also refused to rename or delete it. Displaying an alert saying
>> "Access
>> denied".
>> The files weren't important so I just gave up.
>> Then I tried to dial up using the modem on COM1. It failed to connect
>> because COM1 was already in use.
>> I cleared COM1 simply by restarting.
>> But I'm puzzled why this should occur. Despite the filename, I don't
>> see
>> why trying to write an image file with this name should apparently
>> result
>> in COM1 being opened. It makes me wonder if there are any other
>> filenames I
>> should avoid.
>> Of course the cause might be something peculiar to my machine, but I
>> wouldn't know what.
>> Martin Baxter
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