MP3 without QuickTime on Windows

Klaus Major klaus at
Tue Feb 8 11:19:30 EST 2005

Hi Ben,

> Hi Klaus,
> Thanks for your help already.

Very good! :-)

> I'm making progress, but I'm not quite where
> I wanted to be yet.

Very bad! :-(

> As noted in my previous post, I'm trying to play MP3s on a minimal
> installation of Windows XP Embedded.  I don't have direct control over 
> the
> XPe build (and wouldn't know what I was doing if I did) - I try 
> something,
> make a fresh request, get a new solid state disk for the unit, try 
> again.
> Quite longwinded, and there's a tight timetable on this project.
> As noted before, I removed QuickTime from a normal PC running XP, and 
> played
> MP3 files, using a 'quicktime player',

This term is really misleading ("media player" would be much better), 
since it implies
that they will only work with QuickTime installed, which simply isn't 

Maybe another hint for the rumoured "mac-centric" nature of REV ;-)

> without problems (and without a
> controller, which is fine).    I wasn't previously able to install 
> either
> Media Player or QuickTime on the XPe unit.
> I've now got a new disk for the XPe unit, with MediaPlayer.  I can 
> play an
> MP3 file directly by double-clicking, it opens MediaPlayer, plays it 
> fine no
> problems.  However, from Rev I still get 'could not open video player' 
> when
> I set the filename of the player to the MP3 file.
> I am also now able to install QuickTime (version 4!) on the XPe unit; 
> and
> can then play the MP3 from Rev fine, complete with controller.  But 
> when I
> uninstall QuickTime, I'm back to square one.
> I then tried getting Media Player 9 for XP from the MS website, and
> installing that.  Installation apparently proceeded without a problem, 
> and
> Media Player can play the content without problems - but the symptoms 
> when
> playing from Rev are the same.
> Evidently all installations of Media Player are not equal.  Can you (or
> anyone) clue me in to what I need (and preferably how to express this 
> to the
> people building the disk image)?
> If we have to, we might be able to get away with QuickTIme - but it 
> will
> cause other difficulties, so if we can avoid it just to play MP3 files 
> that
> would be an advantage.

Quick guess:

Did you "set the dontuseqt to true"?
In an "preopenstack"-handler or something...

I think even if QT is NOT present the engine thinks to have to use 

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