Thousands of Graphics = Bad Performance

jbv jbv.silences at
Mon Feb 7 15:46:25 EST 2005

just curious : do you achieve anything more
sophisticated than realtime wireframe rendering ?
anything like hidden lines (or surfaces) detection ?


> Scott,
> Interestingly enough, I recently worked with a C programmer in SF on
> creating a kids 3D application with the 3D engine done completely in RunRev.
> The programmer had already tried to do it in RealBasic and it couldn't
> be done. He doubted RR could do it, but once I showed him the
> multi-polyon draw with set points trick, it worked great! One of the
> cool parts of the trick, is that by inserting a blank line in the points
> of a polygon, you can actually create as many polys as you want. This
> worked out very well for the app. In fact, we were able to create this
> game, with sounds and multiple scaling images, in less than a weeks time.
> It's pretty cool to see RR rendering 3D in realtime using native
> transcript. I'll post the app here when a demo version is available.

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