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Hi Ben,

> On Sep 19, 2004, at 13:18:38 ETD, Klaus Major wrote:
>> mp3 can be played with or without* quicktime in a player object.
>> WMA are not supported right out of the box...
>> *on Windows
> In my trivial test (set the filename of a player to the path to the mp3
> file; start the player) this isn't working, with a standalone on a 
> machine
> running Windows XPembedded, without QuickTime or Windows Media Player.

"player" objects rely on QuickTime or Windwos Media!!!

> Also possibly worth noting, on the XPe machine I can play wav files 
> embedded
> in the standalone as an audio clip (but not external wav files through 
> a
> player).
> I have limited opportunities to investigate on the target platform (and
> we're extremely tight on space on the boot disk).
> Do I need to do something special in the way I build the standalone?  
> Or is
> it that on Windows you don't need QuickTime - but only providing you 
> do have
> Windows Media?

Yes, exactly!

You need at least ONE multimedia architecture on the target pc when 
"player" objects!

>  I have tried running the same test on a PC running a
> standard installation of XP, from which I'd removed QuickTime (fully, 
> as far
> as I can tell) and indeed was able to play an MP3 file, with a 
> gratifying
> display glitch where the controller/player should have been.

Controller are a QuickTime ONLY feature!
We are not using QuickTIme just for fun ;-)

> So what counts as the minimum installation to play MP3 in this way?  
> Or in
> fact any external audio file?

I won't sign this ;-, but WindowsMediaPlayer version  >= 6.5 should be 
the least requirement
to play MP3...

> (Is there another way to play external audio files without using a 
> player object?)

Only uncompressed AIF (and WAV files, but that does not look to be 
correct) and
(compressed) AU files can be played by "play ac xyz" without 

"(Player) ...that uses QT, which although much slower and more memory 
intensive can play
many more formats than the default play command which uses low-level 
sound routines
in Win32 and MacOS which don't support compression.

Posted 9/2/2002 by Scott Raney to the MetaCard List"

> Any enlightenment gratefully received,

Hope that helps...

This is just a rule of thumb and will not prevent you to TEST, TEST, 

Since we're talking about WINDOWS, it will NOT "play for sure" ;-)

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