Listing all files on a ftp server

Éric Chatonet eric.chatonet at
Sat Feb 5 18:27:34 EST 2005


I saw a few days ago questions and right answers about a script that 
would look at 1 directory and provide a complete hierarchial list of 
all files within all folders and subfolders.
Here is a complementary function for tracking all files within all 
folders and subfolders on a FTP server.
I did not test it yet on windows nor Linux but it works fine with OS X.

put word 1 to -1 of AllFilesOnServer("/www/") -- any folder on the 
server finishing by a slash
function AllFilesOnServer pStartDir
   local tUserName,tPassword,tServer,tPort,tUrl,tDirectories,tDir, 
tFoldersList, tFilesList, tOtherFilesList
   put fld "FTPUserName" into tUserName -- from user prefs
   put fld "FTPPassword" into tPassword -- from user prefs
   put fld "FTPServerAddress" into tServer -- from user prefs
   put fld "FTPPort" into tPort -- from user prefs
   if tPort = empty then put 21 into tPort
   replace numToChar(13) with empty in pStartDir -- important
   put "ftp://" & tUserName & colon & tPassword & "@" & tServer & colon 
& tPort & pStartDir into tUrl
   if the platform = "MacOS" then put isotoMac(URL tUrl) into 
   else put URL tUrl into tDirectories
   if the result = empty then
     sort tDirectories
     replace numToChar(13) with empty in tDirectories
     repeat for each line tDir in tDirectories
       set cursor to busy
       if "." is not in tDir then put pStartDir & FormatAsFolder(tDir) & 
cr after tFoldersList -- Æ
       else put pStartDir & tDir & cr after tFilesList
       -- assuming that all files have an extension (.php, .gif, etc.)
       -- if not sure, use a try structure instead
     end repeat
     if tFoldersList <> empty then
       delete last char of tFoldersList
       repeat for each line tFolder in tFoldersList
         put AllFilesOnServer(tFolder) into tList -- recursion
         if tList <> empty then put tList after tOtherFilesList
       end repeat
     end if
     return tFilesList & tOtherFilesList
   else return the result -- error
end AllFilesOnServer
function FormatAsFolder pPath
   if last char of pPath <> slash then return pPath & slash
   return pPath
end FormatAsFolder


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