group-al cmds like "set the highlitedButtonName to 0" for propserties?

Erik Hansen erikhans08 at
Sat Feb 5 20:50:31 EST 2005

for colorblind users, a selected control has:
the width = the width +8
the borderWidth = 2

some groups have multiple hilites so
before selecting a new control in the group:

on standDown pGroup,pWidth
  set the highlitedButtonName of grp pGroup to 0
  -- 1 line of code
  put (the number of controls in grp pGroup)\
  into tot

  repeat with i = 1 t tot
   set the width of control i to pWidth
   set the borderWidth of control i to 1
  end repeat
  -- many lines of code & repeats
end standDown

is there a single-line-command
that resets the individual
control properties of all
grouped controls to the default value
specified for that group?

i did try the Transcript Dictionary under 
"group" "about groups" "about objects"...

the "standDown" handler works just fine,
it would just be simpler with a 1-line
"set the highlitedButtonName to 0"
kind of approach.


Erik Hansen

erik at

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