Printing Crashes Rev in OSX

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Sat Feb 5 20:22:55 EST 2005

Aloha to all from Hawaii, where we don't have any native clover leafs.

OK, I get it! Thanks. "Mahalo" as we say here.

  I was under the misconception that Switch was
some kind of alternate way of doing a series of "ifs" one after the 

Actually, now that I understand it correctly, I could put the proper 
use (fall thru if no break) to work for a number of things.

Love the on-ramp analogy...  Alex, you should make additions to the 
docs (smile)

I did drive in Mauritius for a few years where they have those British 
circular round-a-bout intersections for as many as five converging 
highways... No traffic lights required: pretty scary but *very* 
efficient like the switch structure...

Case closed for now. Thanks again for the incredible patience of the 
kind souls on this list!


On Feb 4, 2005, at 9:43 AM, Lynch, Jonathan wrote:

> Because, otherwise, people would think you have a dog named Clover who
> keeps leaving your slippers in the wrong place.
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> Alex-
> Thanks. I tried twice to come up with a good analogy to post to the
> list and gave up each time. That freeway onramp/offramp thing is great
> IMO.
> (and speaking of spellcheckers, why is it cloverleafs and not
> cloverleaves?)
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