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Sat Feb 5 17:14:04 EST 2005

So you have your shareware code to save in the registry or do you save it 
on a file? Something you might consider is get the hard drive serial number 
of "C:" this number to register it with. This will be different with every 
computer and can not be pirated to other computers.

Ex. hard drive number

         23091827389  < Hard Drive number
         *           25  < Number you choose to generate the key
          +        237  < Add to that number to make it harder to figure out

then use the first 10 numbers.
5772956849 then reverse the numbers to "9486592775" would be the registry 
key for that one computer.

I don't know if there is a reverse command in Rev. I used to use this in VB 

The set back is if they lose the hard drive the and replace it, the key 
will not work, but if they format the hard drive the key will still work.

Paul Salyers
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