Problem! Inaccessible substack

Chipp Walters chipp at
Fri Feb 4 18:54:02 EST 2005


Couldn't find your original post, but hopefully this can help.

Create a button on your main stack and set the script to:

on mouseUp
    lock messages
    go stack "33"
    unlock messages
end mouseUp

you may also want to "set the loc of stack 33 to screenloc()" as well 
(if it's positioned off screen)

My guess is you probably have some preOpenStack handler which is trying 
to do something with a card of the old named stack.

Also, if you find you can't open a Main stack the recipe below will help:
Create a stack with a single button. Set the script of the button to:

on mouseUp
    answer file "Choose Stack to Open"
    if it is empty then exit to top
    lock messages
    go URL ("binfile:" & it)
    unlock messages
end mouseUp

This should open your stack w/out problem, then rename and save and you 
should be good to go.



> Jerry Balzano wrote:
>> I sure hope I can get some assistance with this one because there's a 
>> lot of work sitting in a substack I can't get to.
>> Somehow - probably due to all my messing around with control and 
>> commandkeys — the substack in question got renamed "33".  When I now 
>> try to open it, I get a "no such card" error.
>> I have tried everything I can think of here.  When I say 'answer the 
>> substacks of this stack' I get "33".  When I say 'put the substacks of 
>> this stack into field "substacks" ' I get "33" placed into the field 
>> called "substacks".  Not only can I not 'go to stack (field 
>> "substacks")', I can't even do a delayed-evaluation 'do "go to stack" 
>> && quote & field "substacks" & quote' (or 'do "go to stack" && quote & 
>> the substacks of this stack & quote'.  Leaving out the 'quote's also 
>> fails.  Everything I do gets me "no such card" as a response.  I am at 
>> my wits' end.  Please help!

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