SubStacks with Same Name in Different apps

Sivakatirswami katir at
Sat Feb 5 15:38:00 EST 2005

I often use the same name for generic substacks  e.g.

"Dev Notes"


It's just easier... I don't have to remember different, odd, stack 
names when the actual function of these substacks in different 
applications is virtually the same. But I  *always* use a unique name 
for any given application main stack.

If a main stack is open with one of "generic" substacks and I open 
another main stack which has a sub-stack with the same name... Rev 
gives me that old frightful warning about not distinquishing between 
stack with the same name...

How serious an issue is this? I seems like a somewhat unfortunate 
limitation if serious data corruption is actually possible as the 
warning would indicate. Any advice?

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