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Saturday, February 5, 2005, 5:40:00 AM, you wrote:

PS> I need to know if it's possible to save software registry information on a
PS> floppy disk and move it to a different computer in a file with a format
PS> that if it's copied or saved over it will become scrambled and un-useable ?

If you just need a single key you can export that key using RegEdit.
The .reg file generated is just plain text. If you need more, read on:

Interestingly, just this morning I received this on another list. This
is so useful it's hard to believe MS built it in. It's not quite the
answer to the question you asked, but if you have access to both
computers over a network or if there are two hard drives in one
computer, here you go...


However, you can load registry hives from a dead system into the live
system, this article describes how:

I do not need to tell you to make a backup first, do I? :-)


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