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Thu Feb 3 14:01:04 EST 2005

Dear Chipp

An "externals external" would be great. Something that
could expose the functions and type requirements in
standard windows dlls or *nix .so shared library (and
their OSX equivalents).

As is already the case in C#, Java or some of the
flavors of Basic, you could then import these
functions directly into transcript something like ...

    externalHandle = altuitUseExternal("mylib.dll")

IMHO runrev really needs a more accessible interface
to the vast wealth of shared libraries that exist out
there, without having to write wrappers for every new
library you want to use. I would love to be able to
use OpenGL from within rev for example and create
interactive 3D viewports on my rev stacks.

OT: Wouldn't it be great to have .NET bindings for
rev, especially since it seems that .NET is going to
be a genuinely cross-platform runtime (please no Java
Vs. .NET flames or any other anti-MS invective - I'm
no great fan of MS, but it seems that they've finally
done something right with .NET)



--- Chipp Walters <chipp at> wrote:

> The recent altBrowser bundle offering was a success
> thanks to RR users 
> all over the world. A personal thank-you from Chris
> and I for all of 
> your support. And thanks to RunRev for an excellent
> job of helping to 
> get the word out.
> We're currently working on a free upgrade for
> altBrowser (both Mac and 
> PC) which we hope will be out next week.
> So, this got Chris and I thinking about other
> externals. Before we 
> started, we wanted to get some feedback from RR
> users as which externals 
> you would like to see. Keep in mind, they need to be
> cross-platform, and 
> they need to have some sort of mass market appeal.
> Here are a couple of ideas we have:
> 1) USB external support. That about says it all
> right there!
> 2) Image Effects library. The ability to
> import/export many different 
> formats, apply special effects like dropped shadows,
> borders, sharpen 
> and blur and more.
> If you have any other ideas, please let us know,
> either on this list or off.
> Thanks again!
> -Chipp Walters
> Altuit, Inc.
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