Scrolling groups get messed up after saving

Frank Leahy frank at
Thu Feb 3 11:51:43 EST 2005

Jonathan ,

Yes, I've seen the same thing.

There appears to be an instant when the save dialog is still up, the 
stack gets saved, the scrollbar moves just slightly, the save dialog 
disappears, and the bits under the dialog box are restored incorrectly 
(so everything is off by 2-3 pixels).  Looks like sh-t, but there seems 
to be nothing I can do about it.

Is this a problem on during development, or are you seeing this in an 
application as well?  If it's just during development, I find that 
scrolling up and down a little fixes the visual garbage.

-- Frank

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> On reopening the card, it is fine - it is just that scrolling groups 
> looked messed up after a save - no closing the card involved.

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