Groups and cloning

Chipp Walters chipp at
Wed Feb 2 22:54:19 EST 2005


How about

copy btn "myButton" to this card

or something along those lines..?


Jerry Balzano wrote:

> More to the meat of my problem, suppose one wanted to create a 'clone' 
> of one of these group members.  Some simple mouse interaction like 
> clicking on a group member would create a copy of the control, stuck to 
> the mouse until the user clicked somewhere to "drop" it.  Mouse stuff 
> aside, "clone" all by itself doesn't do what I want, because it creates, 
> not a new ungrouped control that looks like the clicked-on control, but 
> another group member.  This makes sense, I suppose, since you are 
> "cloning" all of the properties of the control, including its owner.  So 
> how does one do what I want?  Does one have to ungroup and regroup?  The 
> "owner" property is not directly settable (right?), or I'd just set the 
> owner of the new 'cloned' control to the card (instead of the group).  
> Seems like this should be simpler than I'm making it ....

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