Windows radio buttons

Martin Baxter martin at
Wed Feb 2 03:58:11 EST 2005

>Sarah Reichelt wrote:
>I normally just use & develop for Mac OS X but I am currently working
>on a small app for Windows as well. My problem occurs when people use
>the keyboard to activate a radio button. I have set up all the buttons
>in the correct tab order, so when tab is pressed, the dotted outline
>moves from button to button correctly, then pressing Enter effectively
>clicks the selected button. This all works OK except that radio buttons
>don't unhilite the other members of the radio button group. They work
>fine when actually mouse-clicked but not when done via the keyboard.
>Has anyone else noticed this? Am I doing something that is considered
>wrong in the Windows world? Are radio buttons normally excluded from
>keyboard selection? I guess I can put in the script to manually
>unhilite the other radios but it seems like a bug to me :-)

Yes Sarah, I discovered this a long time back. Same thing happens on Linux.
I routinely use handlers to set the hilites of the radio buttons by script.
Actually I lazily trigger these handlers on mouseup as well because it
doesn't do any harm.

It's not what I initially expected to happen and should probably be
Bugzilla'd, though whether it's strictly a bug or an enhancement request
I'm not sure. I'd do it but I think my Rev version (2.1.2) is probably too
old for Bugzilla.

Martin Baxter

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