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Tue Feb 1 11:29:01 EST 2005

Maybe, but why wouldn't something that easy have been implemented already?
I don't have any inside knowledge but suspect there may be more to it. If,
in buiilding the Mac resource fork, MacOS routines are utilised, these
would presumably have to be emulated in the engine in order to assemble the
resource fork on A.N. Other platform.

Martin Baxter

>Frank D Engel wrote:
>The other possibility, of course, would be to allow the standalone to
>be built directly on the Windows machine, but to internally binhex the
>standalone during construction.  Then you'd just use a standard tool on
>the Mac (Stuffit Expander, for example) to extract the application
>file, resource fork and all...
>On Jan 31, 2005, at 7:28 PM, Ben Fisher wrote:
>> That's too bad that you can't build for classic on Windows. I use a PC
>> and all the computers at my school are mac classics. Using Dreamcard
>> player won't work for me.
>> Martin, that's a good idea. Could someone please look into this? Or
>> maybe an enhancement in Bugzilla?
>> -Ben
>>> I wonder if it would be difficult for RR to make a module for PPC
>>> which
>>> *only* built classic standalones. I mean no IDE or any of that,
>>> simply a
>>> standalone builder that you could download. You would still need a
>>> Mac to
>>> run it, and perhaps a valid license key for Windows or Unix, but you
>>> wouldn't need to buy 2 copies of studio just so you could still build
>>> a Mac
>>> classic standalone despite the fact that you do the development on
>>> windows.
>>> Just musing aloud,
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