Socket timeout not working with libUrl

James Richards jamesjrichards at
Tue Feb 1 10:13:53 EST 2005

If this is an OS X 10.3.7 issue, some people have been able to kludge a 
fix for it by entering their ISP's DNS server addresses into the 
relevant pane in Network preferences.  But if it is the identified 
10.3.7 problem, you would be likely to have experienced long delays in 
opening Apple's Mail program.


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> Hello Frank,
> I would guess that you are using OSX 10.3.7; right?
> That could explain your DNS-Problem, as Apple has changed its
> DNS-calls. So If I start Apple Mail, I have to wait 50 seconds.
> Apple told, that it is a bug, so wait for 10.3.8 or return to 10.3.6.
> Hope it explains.
> Richard.

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