Problem with Import As Control for videoclips

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Sat Dec 31 19:35:11 EST 2005

First, much thanks to Malte Brill for his suggestion that immediately 
resolved the problem with importing "referenced" controls of mpeg-4 movies.   I have 
a different problem, though, with importing mpeg-4 using "Import As Control":

After importing the mpeg-4 movie using "Import As Control," it is listed 
clearly under VideoClips both as to name and ID number.   However, on issuing a 
command, e.g., "Play videoclip ID 1003" The only thing I get is a very thick 
black vertical line through the center of the card. Again, am I doing something 
wrong here?   Any suggestions?   Thanks very much.   I really appreciate this 
forum.   It's clarified a lot over the past year.
Happy New Year to all.
Steve Goldberg

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> Hi Steve,
> >However, in Revolution 2.6.1, I can't import mpeg-4 movies that way
> since the
> >movie title appears greyed out when trying to import it.
> try switching from "Quicktime movies" to "all files" in the dialogue
> box that appears. It seems it is an answer file with type dialogue box
> that sets the filename of the player.
> All the best and happy new year,
> Malte

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