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Jerry Muelver jerry at
Thu Dec 29 16:48:54 EST 2005

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From: "Ken Ray"

> Hope this helps,

Certainly, it does, Ken. However, that doesn't explain why the tooltips in 
the Message Box would make the distinction without a clue about how to 
follow the instructions on a "Enter" key-only keyboard. Oh well, I know now, 
and can get rich by selling the information to other RR newbies.

Now, [OT] if anyone wants to know why you have to produce charts in 
different keys for C, Bb, Eb, and F instruments in order to get them to play 
the same notes in a concert key in unison, I'll be happy to sell that 
information too. It is a silliness of the same quality, but several orders 
of magnitude greater.

I'll never understand why people get into creating these little fixes for 
the wrong problems (see ), 
without asking me, first.

Okay, back to coding, everybody!

Many happy Returns/Enters!

---- Jerry Muelver

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