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Thu Dec 29 13:19:47 EST 2005

You are mistaken.

Return and Enter are different and are both useful.

I use EnterInField in a field script to execute Transcript snippets 
or MYSQL code in a field. Return is needed to ... ummm... put returns 
in the text!!

I'm using a standard off the shelf Mac keyboard with my G4 Aluminum 
17". The laptop has an enter key as well, next to the right apple key.


At 10:06 -0600 12/29/05, Jerry Muelver wrote:
>I submit that the distinction between returnInField and enterInField 
>is absurd for text-entry applications like program editors and 
>dialog boxes, and is of extremely limited utility for numeric entry 
>applications. In fact, I doubt that anyone can provide an example 
>supporting the rationale for not merging the Return and Enter key 
>for good for all applications.
>(mumble-mumble, grumble, ratzn-fratz, drat-it...)
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