use-revolution Digest, Vol 27, Issue 138

Karen Karen at
Thu Dec 29 12:08:48 EST 2005

On 29 Dec 2005, at 15:48, John Vokey wrote:

> Karen,
>    Very nice.  You do realise that you can do this (and so much more)
> running shell scripts (from RR) to call R?  And cross-platform, too.
> Check out: <>

Thanks very much John - I've since added an Excel export and put the  
graph into a drawer rather than a separate window.

I hadn't been aware of "R" - it looks very powerful.  Scripting from  
it would certainly open up a lot of options, but I've been enjoying  
the challenge of building graphs in RR.  My partner has a student  
version of "Maple" which is similarly powerful to R (and appears to  
have a similarly steep learning curve).

My initial aim with my little program was to make something a bit  
more straightforward and to use Revolution a bit.  I'm thinking of  
adding a top level menu and some other stats functionality - such as  
two variable statistics with a scatter plot or bar graph.  We'll see  
how it goes!



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