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Thu Dec 29 00:51:15 EST 2005

   Very nice.  You do realise that you can do this (and so much more)  
running shell scripts (from RR) to call R?  And cross-platform, too.   
Check out: <>

On 28-Dec-05, at 7:58 PM, use-revolution-request at wrote:

> Hi,
> I thought I'd just mention that "Statistics Calculator" is available
> in the Curlypaws user space.
> It takes a text file of comma separated values and calculates the
> minimum, maximum, mean, median, standard deviation, quartile 1 and
> quartile 3.  It also generates a box plot of the results.  You can
> open the file through the program, or use drag and drop.
> Perhaps more interestingly, it uses Altuit's Interface Designer for
> the design (which is already great to use).
> My partner is doing an Open University Maths course, so I thought I'd
> do something along these lines.  I realise that Revolution has median
> and standard deviation functions - but I didn't know this when I
> started :-).  Hopefully the code may be of interest to someone!
> Karen

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