using EXT.dll to install and remove fonts

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Wed Dec 28 14:50:13 CST 2005

On 12/28/05 6:14 AM, "Klaus Major" <klaus at> wrote:

> Hi Chipp,
>> Anyone out there doing it? I've tried a simple font install stack,
>> but it just hangs when I issue the ext_loadFont handler (Rev
>> 2.6.1), but after quitting it appears the font is 'set'. I don't
>> have any docs, if there are any out there, or a simple couple line
>> script, I'd much appreciate it:-)
>> I think this is what's working (it's a handler, not a function),
>> but it hangs as soon as it's called. Of course all the externals
>> are set correctly, and filepaths, but I'm not sure of the syntax,
>> or if this thing still even works.
>> on mouseUp
>>   ext_loadFont "C:/helvetica.ttf"
>> end mouseUp
> well this question pops up from time to time here on the list for at
> least 2 years.
> But still no answer (or even a tiny hint) from the very makers of
> this external :-/

The maker of the external is Tuviah Synder, and according to the old
External Collections stack, the syntax is:

  ext_loadFont <file path of font>
  ext_unloadFont <file path of font>

The example given is:

  on mouseUp
    answer file "Choose a font to load:"
    ext_loadFont it
    put the fontNames into fld "Fonts"
  end mouseUp


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