Current Card

Robert Presender rpresender at
Tue Dec 27 19:49:16 EST 2005

Thanks to Eric Chatonet and Mark Smith for your input.  Your help is  

Regards ... Bob

On Dec 27, 2005, Eric and Mark wrote:

> Hi Bob,
> Just trap the resumeStack message in stack B :-)
> See also suspendStack in the docs.
> on resumeStack
>    beep 5
> end resumeStack
> Best Regards from Paris,
> Eric Chatonet
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 
> -
> ----------------------
>  Also remember that the resumeStack message (like the various open,
preopenand close messages) are sent to the current card of a stack,
so you can have different resumeStack handlers on different cards. If
you finish them with 'pass resumeStack', the message will get passed
along to the stack and so-on..


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