Debugging and the execution path

Jim Ault JimAultWins at
Sat Dec 24 21:00:04 EST 2005

As Charles said, true "watched variables' are those being tracked
intensively and define a breakpoint, but VW is more like an 'inspector',
therefore I think you mean...

.. if any of the inspector-visible variables change, they are updated and
highlighted, rather than update all each cycle.

Yes, to emailing the DMVW.  I will look at it tonight (6 pm now, and will be
at the computer this evening and tomorrow.

Jim :-)
PS  Don't know if you got my other email off list about being available over
the next several days for this debug.. but I will.

> Question for Variable Watching folks:
> Why do we want a list of watched variables?
> I ask this because I only want to see them if their value changes.
Not sure what you mean by this..  changes from when to when?
Step to step, or break to break?
> What if any value that changes is hilited?
> That approach would be far more economical (processing time, and real
> estate) AND I think it gives the desired effect--you get to watch any
> variable whose value changes after the execution of a line of code.
Downside to this is to confirm settings or globals that determine
conditionals, so there can be a referal (esp TF, flags, and arrays that are
used for value sources, eg list of colors.

> But maybe I'm missing something. Before you answer that, read the
> next paragraph, please.
> NOTE for Constellation Users: If you would like to see the approach
> to variable watching that I just mentioned, let me know and I'll
> email you a non-released version of Constellation that has a free-
> standing (non embedded) version of this variable watcher.

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