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  Thanks for the help.  I wasn't thinking along those lines so you've
put me back on path.  Jeff

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> I've been trying to figure out how to destroy the data I've input into
> field after I close the stack.  I'm closing the stack using:
> set the destroyStack of this stack to true
>   close stack "ProvWiz"
> When I open the stack back up the data that I've input is still there.
> How do I destroy the data in the fields when I close the stack?

destroyStack is a property that only needs to be set once. It means
that closing a stack removes it from memory. It does not mean that any
data entered is to be destroyed. If the stack has been saved, the data
entered before the save will still be there next time you open the

If you are making a standalone, and do not set the substacks to be
separate files, no data will be saved, so that may be all you need.

However when working in the Rev environment, and before building you
will need to empty the data fields. Many people write a handler called
"stripNship" or some variation of that which sets the stack the way
you want it to be when first opened. It can empty fields, set button
hilites etc and you can run it when closing the stack, before building
or on preOpenStack.

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