A supplement suite of office programs?

Lynch, Jonathan bnz2 at cdc.gov
Thu Dec 22 14:00:19 EST 2005

Well - the self-installation and document-launching components are
windows-specific. Sarah is working on making mac-components for those,
and when she does I will add them to the original stacks, with a bit of
code for detecting which platform is running.

I can send the stack to you directly, which should run no problem (minus
those two components)

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Have you used any Windows-specific code or tricks in your application?
not, and assuming you have an appropriate RunRev license and version,
you tried just building your app for OS X?

I'd be interested in looking at, commenting on and perhaps participating
this process but I'm an OSX kinda guy.

On 12/22/05, Lynch, Jonathan <bnz2 at cdc.gov> wrote:
> Sarah has been kind enough to investigate converting the program for
> on Macs (I only know PC). I am sure we could find someone to do the
> for Linux as well.
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