Debugging and the execution path

Dennis Brown see3d at
Thu Dec 22 13:06:23 EST 2005


I like the folder idea better.  That way I can hide all the globals,  
constants, or whatever.  It also opens up the possibility to have a  
folder of "my watched variables" of mixed types. ;-)


On Dec 22, 2005, at 12:53 PM, Jerry Daniels wrote:

> Dennis, et al.,
> Thanks for the additional encouragement...can't have too much of that!
> OR we could make folders like we do with props and handlers (thus  
> doing away with the need to sort by type and have headers):
> arrays
>    gTestArray         A    113 ...
>       cfirst          E    113
>       csecond         E    222
> globals
>    gTabEvent          G    true
> params
>    pMouseBtnNum       P    1
> temps
>    theTestVar         T    test data
> Best case scenario would be to have a folder icon on the Var  
> Watcher Toolbar (extensible like other toolbars!) that would let  
> you toggle between tree (folder) and flat lists.
> In either scenario, indented items would be capable of collapse and  
> expand functionality via disclosure triangles.
> Whadda ya think?

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