Button 'stuck' on hilite mode

Chipp Walters chipp at chipp.com
Tue Dec 20 04:20:37 EST 2005

Hi Jim,

Thanks for the insights :-)

Sure you don't have it turned around? It appears to me the top button 
only receives a 'mouseRelease' when it's first rolledover after coming 
from an object which has focus outside the group.

So, if you put in the script of the top button:

on mouseRelease
   focus on btn "ff"
end mouseRelease

things work. (At least they do here).



Jim Ault wrote:
> gets stuck here, OSX 10.4.2, Rev 2.6.1
> However, I did notice this.. using message watcher
> 1) mouse in and out of top button only = enter, leave, enter, leave, etc
> 2) mouse in, out of bottom button, in, out of top button
> messages are enter, leave, enter, release... that's right.. mouseRelease,
> not mouseLeave
> Workaround might involve mouseRelease without mouseDown ?!?

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