The Hypercard Navigator Palette is revived!

MisterX b.xavier at
Tue Dec 20 02:40:10 EST 2005


Im sorry to hear of these crashes...

Thanks to ChatRev and a few improvements I made for sound feedback I found
out that QuickTime was not just crashing Rev but also rebooting my machine -
it's a hardware conflict or failure due to my sound card (which still works
perfectly out of this)... Go figure...

The CPU hogging I don't get though... If I drag the window bar (a mousedown
script) the cpu (a P4 3GHz) will go as high as 25% but no more...

Meanwhile I uploaded a newer version with the mouserelease issue fixed
thanks to Jim... And a few more amazingly complex issues involved in making
simple stacks thanks to Eric Chatonet!

hope that fares better ;)


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> From: Judy Perry [mailto:jperryl at] 
> Sent: Tuesday, 20 December, 2005 08:10
> To: x at; How to use Revolution
> Subject: RE: The Hypercard Navigator Palette is revived!
> Oh, yeah!!!
> Even if it mysteriously hogs CPU usage and crashes on me 
> predictably (any guesses why??? Nobody else seems to know... 
> plain-vanilla Rev install...
> no plugins, nuttin'...)
> Okay, I'm begging... why does Rev continually crash on me in Chatrev?
> Judy
> On Sun, 18 Dec 2005, MisterX wrote:
> > Many thanks to Kweed and BvG for fixing the few invisible 
> osx visuals 
> > and eye sores...
> >
> > ChatRev Rocks man!!!

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