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Björnke von Gierke bvg at
Mon Dec 19 11:25:39 EST 2005

Hi all

I need a step by step how to about installing and configuring rev cgi 
with database support on os x.
The MySQL database is running and i can connect from revappversion 
2.6.1, which is version 2.6.6.
My rev CGI is version 2.5. "normal" cgi's work fine.
I guess that my rev cgi engine is too old. So it would be nice to tell 
me how to get a newer one.

what i have tried:
i tried to put many files into the cgi-executables folder, among them: --linux engine
dbmysql --mac os x engine
the whole folder "database_driver" from the newest rev (2.6.1) and the 
oldest rev i still have (2.2)
when i used the folder i tried to use the revSetDatabaseDriverPath 
command on several different paths to no avail.

greetings Björnke

PS: I seem to recall a promise for more transparency about how to get 
the up to date cgi engines. That was some years ago. Did i dream that?


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