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Mon Dec 19 09:51:52 CST 2005

Hi Jim,

The "How to Manage Table Fields" tutorial might help you:
This stack, which comprises a Lab section and an Explanations  
section, explains table fields and all the aspects that for the  
moment are still not documented.
Fully commented scripts lets you start working with them at once.
Print function included.

You will access this tutorial through "Tutorials Picker" a free  
plugin that interfaces with the So Smart Software website in order to  
display all available tutorials stacks directly from the web.
You will find it by going to
Revolution/Plugins or Tutorials section.

At the moment, 19 tutorials are available through "Tutorials Picker":
How to Monitor a QuickTime Player by Script
How to Download Data from the Internet
How to Manage Resizing
How to Manage Table Fields
How to Display and Manage Ask Dialogs
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How to Ask for a Password
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How to Install "Metal Appearance" on All Platforms
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How to Magnify Images

Best Regards from Paris,
Eric Chatonet
----------------------    eric.chatonet at

Le 19 déc. 05 à 16:47, Jim Carwardine a écrit :

> Hi List... I've lost my link to the source that discusses table  
> fields.  Can
> anyone tell me where to find a general discussion of table fields?
> Specifically, I want to lock the cells and react to a mouseClick on  
> the
> individual cell.  I also can't remember how to specify the number  
> of columns
> and rows in a table field... Jim

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