Menus what is going on?

MisterX b.xavier at
Mon Dec 19 02:52:08 EST 2005

of course this happens only on WinXP...

pop up menus do not work like other menus...

(sorry Richard, I just tested this again twice to make sure I wasn't going

// in a popup menu in windows looks like // not like / in other menus...

the day I leave on hollidays wouldn't be complete with yet another

Anyway, I've uploaded a new version of the navigator palette on

For those nostalgic of the old monochrome version, please supply me with a
screenshot and I'll make the skin switcheable... I wanted also a safari and
aqua skins but time wasn't on my side ;)


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> after this little navigator stack I made
> I noticed that the usual 
> replace "/" with "//" in themenu
> didn't work on XP... I would see "//" all over the menu...
> So I removed this replace statement...
> Then Eric told me it was broken without it (on OSX I presume)...
> can anyone clarify? The menu is popup style
> thanks in advance...
> Xavier
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