Cross-Platform Memory Inconsistencies

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Sat Dec 17 11:47:32 EST 2005

Hi Richmond,

 From the docs (FAQ):

How do I estimate how much memory your application will need?

The amount of memory required by your standalone application depends  
on many factors, including the platform, the complexity of your code,  
which Revolution custom libraries you include, and how many windows  
you have open at once.

As a general rule of thumb, add up the size of the stacks to be  
loaded into memory (and the picture and movie files to be displayed  
in referenced controls) at any one time and add 4M to obtain a rough  

		total size of loaded stacks
	+	total size of external files displayed
	+	4 megabytes											
	=	minimum memory required (very approximate)

Without forgetting that Rev uses virtual memory as soon it's needed  
and can't crash due to a lack of memory :-)

Best Regards from Paris,
Eric Chatonet
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Le 17 déc. 05 à 13:30, Mathewson a écrit :

> I have absolutely no problem with PCs - in fact my
> day-to-day income depends on 4 COMPAQs running Ubuntu Linux
> 5.10.
> What I do not like is MS Windows.
> Notwithstanding those slightly OT remarks:
> There seems to be no effective way of telling what the
> memory requirements of an RR stack will be (either as a
> stack running with a player, or as a standalone) on the
> differing platforms on which it may be delivered. As I work
> with software I don't understand about RAM, DRAMM, SDRAMM
> or DAMN (the last type of memory seems to be the one I come
> across most!) and the niceties of Virtual Memory.
> My real question boils down to the following:
> is there a way to construct a stack that can inform one
> about relative memory requirements - let us imagine a stack
> with a few entry-fields:
> 1. size of stack to be ported
> 2. memory required to run that stack
> so one could pop that stack on various computers running
> various operating system - tap into field 1 the size of
> one's stack; click a suitably titled button, and the memory
> requirements will magically appear in field 2.
> This would be a really useful piece of stuff!!!
> sincerely, Richmond
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