Cross-Platform Memory Inconsistencies

MisterX b.xavier at
Sat Dec 17 08:45:07 EST 2005

> What I do not like is MS Windows.

I can understand this... but you should have another look. As a standard UI
It cannot be avoided and Moft - as much as I hated them - do try (and do get
it right once in a while) to make a good job of it... Just like Rev tries to
make all of us as happy as possible...

> My real question boils down to the following:
> is there a way to construct a stack that can inform one about 
> relative memory requirements - let us imagine a stack with a 
> few entry-fields:
> 1. size of stack to be ported
> 2. memory required to run that stack
> so one could pop that stack on various computers running 
> various operating system - tap into field 1 the size of one's 
> stack; click a suitably titled button, and the memory 
> requirements will magically appear in field 2.
> This would be a really useful piece of stuff!!!

only rev could do this... I open TAOO and whop, 100MBs of ram are eaten...
it's pretty fast though... I don't get it... 

the only trick I found is max out your ram... 


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