yet a few thousand more icons ;)

MisterX b.xavier at
Sat Dec 17 08:29:37 EST 2005
there's lots of icons out there... ;)
Rev imports them fine... but... you can't browse them easily, you can't edit
them easily...
Rev wont either import them with the right ID or checking that the ID is not
duplicate... arrange them so they are visible...
Chipp's stack is a great idea to prevent further image ID bangs... (hear
that rev?)
My stack does that and more, a good starting point for archiving,
cataloguing and editing images the right way...
I've said earlier that HyperCard was my CMS in university. The same CMS had
a stack with some 14000 icons (all black and white)... It didn't work like
Rev does today so i've laid it to rest - and it never converted to rev or mc
anyway without crashing the whole IDE... what a loss... For that shareware i
got postcards from Japan and Oregon! i was so proud! 10 years after i get 2
emails about this stack having problems, hardly any good critiques... it
took lots more time actually...
Today with so many color icons... XOSMediaLib is the tool of choice. I
designed it to respond to a need to import, renumber, or find any image
amond a 1000 quickly and keeping them tidy across multiple stacks. no easy
task - not for a simple stack... But power users will appreciate...
It's a work in progress with many many more features to come, a few to be
fixed maybe... Lots of them to be improved surely and there's lots i haven't
imagined either. It's not a simple stack but for what it does that's so
simple (import images and set their ids correctly), and all the editing
features built-in, im sure even Chipp will find it useful if he tried to get
beyond the bugs or bad-cross-platform-port visual effects... ;)
Xavier - practical objects = portable features...

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