Best modality for rather large stacks

Kurt Kaufman kkaufman at
Sat Dec 17 00:31:16 EST 2005

Alex Tweedly wrote:
> [...]
> sqlite sounds like a good option - but I'm not sure it is needed. For
> 5000 records of 50 fields, that's not a scale of problem that  
> *requires*
> any database. There may be other aspects of your problem that cause  
> you
> to need a database (complex searches or sorting, maybe), but for many
> purposes, the simple text file with CR + TAB delimiters should be  
> adequate.
> [...]

I know there was a discussion on this topic about a year ago, when I  
inquired about the necessity of using a formal database extension to  
Rev vs. a text file vs. multiple substacks.  I ended up going with  
the substacks as in doing so multiple users could concurrently access  
different records, and the data of the individual records (in this  
case) did not need to be combined in any way.  Would it have been  
possible to allow multiuser access had I used a single text file  
instead of multiple substacks?

At this point the question is academic, as the system I have in place  
is working fine.

Thanks, Kurt

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