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Fri Dec 16 21:43:13 CST 2005

Hi Troy,

I will be working in modeling such a solution for the six next  
months. The  application service provided will mainly have to let  
teatchers build on-line courses and exercices and studient access  
those contains to learn them and post the related exercices back to  
their teatchers. The system will firslty handle nativelly the french  
and arabic languages.

As the global architectur, i choosed to use different main components :

1.- A tunned derivate of the dotclear rock-solid weblog system as the  
CMS front-end <> ;
2.- Apache as the web server ;
3.- PHP 4.4.x as the RPC gateway to the web application server ;
4.- Runtime Revolution 2.x.x as the web application server system ;
5.- MySQL 4.x.x (dotclear back-end) and PostgreSQL 8.x.x (web app  
back-end) as the RDBMS
6.- Kamap (AJAX) + Mapscript + MapServer as the GIS optional part of  
the solution ;
7.- Runtime Revolution (again) as an optional client-side application  
server dedicated to interact trough sockets with the client web  
browser in localhost mode
8.- Mac OS X Server + XServe Dual G5

The core system will use the ablility of dotclear to handle, from  
within its web GUI, the external related pages dynamically build by  
the Rev applications servers.

Why Dotclear instead of WorldPress, Plone or other CMS solutions :  
because its friendly rock-solid architectur...
Why Revolution instead of Tomcat or JBoss as the applications  
servers : because Rev rocks in about coding simplicity, security  
tasks and processing speed where java-based stuff just can't  let us  
think, design and code our projects at the same level of mind...

Hope this can help,

Best Regards,


Le 17 déc. 05 à 01:18, Troy McDonald a écrit :

> I want to create a CMS (Content Management System) to allow my wife to
> update things on web sites she creates. (In order for her to be able
> to type, point click and your done - type of scenario.)
> I'm new to Revolution and I did do some research before asking, but
> can't seem to find any type of package/plug-in/functionality to
> process text (bold, underline, strike through, spell check, etc.)
> This is the only thing I found (Google search):
> runrev "word processing"
> RAD contest...;-)
> ... Re: RAD contest...;- Peter, While you are correct in your  
> assumption that a
> full-featured Word Processing program is not currently possible in
> RunRev, I have ...
> use-revolution/2005-January/050172.html
> That page no longer exists.
> So, anyone know of what's available for creating/working with RTF in a
> format like (Gmail, if you are familiar with it..)?
> Thanks,
> Troy
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