Graphic Tools

Thomas McGrath III 3mcgrath at
Thu Dec 15 18:28:46 EST 2005


This is my point. They are not treated as too important in Rev at  
all. If the rest of the tools were under a pop-up eventually you  
might get tired of having to always click the pop up to get to them,  
but if they were out in a prominent place to get used more than they  
might get updated more.
I am a graphic designer who programs but most on this list are  
programmers who design. A while back I was trying to get support for  
more graphic capabilities to be put into Rev but not many were  
interested at all. In fact I got a lot of "Why do you need that?"  
responses. It's a frame of mind, I think. I for one would like to see  
a bigger easier to access palette for all graphics capabilities. If  
you use the polygon tool and access the options for it in the tools  
palette they are very very tiny and not easy to access at all.  
Selecting a color for the different tools is not very intuitive and  
distinguishing which of them do what is not simple either.



On Dec 15, 2005, at 3:26 PM, Ken Ray wrote:

> They're right there at the bottom of the tools palette - not hard  
> to access
> at all!! If they are collapsed, click the upward-pointing gray  
> triangle in
> the bottom-right corner of the tools palette, and voila!
> Couldn't be much easier, IMHO...

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