Christmas e-cards as learning tools

Eric Chatonet eric.chatonet at
Thu Dec 15 16:36:48 EST 2005

Hi Scott,

This last version (? :-) is a step more towards perfection:
A mix of arts and scientific demonstration...
Happy holidays too.

Best from Paris,
Eric Chatonet
----------------------    eric.chatonet at

Le 15 déc. 05 à 22:25, Scott Rossi a écrit :

> And at the risk of being naughty, I went and updated the stack (yet  
> again)
> so it now lets you play with all the parameters of the script using  
> sliders:
> fall rate, snow density, and delay.  This way you can play with  
> (and fine
> tune) the effect on you system.  You can have fun bringing your  
> system to a
> crawl:
>   go url ""
> BTW, if you resize the stack larger and adjust the snow density,  
> the script
> will fill the entire rect of the stack with flakes.  A scalable  
> snowstorm
> for you...
> Happy Holidays,

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