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> Strictly my opinion here:
> It seems to me that Rev does not push or rather highlight it's
> drawing capabilities and as such they appear miniscule. If a software
> 'hides' it's drawing tools, then that says something to a person
> looking to do graphics with it. By 'hides' I mean where all of the
> drawing capabilities are under a pop up and out of view (I know you
> can just click on the popup button but that's the point for me) then
> they loose their importance. Now if they are not that important than
> I doubt they will be upgraded or considered in newer versions. Out of
> sight, out of mind, as the saying goes. So, Richmond's recreation of
> the palette says something more. It says 'here I am' and 'don't
> forget about me' and as a graphic designer that holds hope for the
> future of graphics tools and upgrades to them in Rev, for me.

I agree with part of what you said, but disagree with most (sorry). :-)

When building application interfaces, it is more likely you'll need buttons,
fields, scrollbars, tab buttons, etc. than you'll need graphic rectangles,
polygons and paint tools. So the choice to "hide" them is more for screen
real-estate issues than that they are in some way ashamed of them.

And making the MC paint tools a plugin means that a person won't
automatically see it without them having to take the trouble to install the
plugin, and set the stack to automatically open. Might be easier to just
tell the Tools palette to automatically open expanded through a plugin...

Just my 2 cents,

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