Heather: It's time for a Forum. (And an answer!)

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Thu Dec 15 11:01:57 CST 2005

Bill Marriott wrote:
> I say, persuade RunRev to do it. That is where the forum belongs. They 
> obviously have the web space to do this. I've asked the list manager 
> (Heather) directly about it and I have not received an answer. I don't know 
> why they choose not to respond on this. We've had dozens of posters beg for 
> a true web-based forum. The request will not "go away" if ignored.

Of that there is no doubt. ;)

Some prefer this email list, some prefer a forum, and there is little 
agreement over which is the Ultimate Communications Solution.

Fortunately current setup allows five ways to access this list, 
including two web forums:

It would seem we each have the opportunity to get what we want with what
we already have in place today.

You didn't mention how long it's been since you submitted your request, 
and I'm sure they have no shortage of email suggestions. Given the facts 
as presented, the conclusion that they've chosen not to reply to your 
email is conjecture.

It could just as well be that because you didn't get an immediate "no" 
they are considering adding a sixth or even seventh way to access this list.

Rather than make public assumptions of the bad behavior on their part, 
it would seem more productive to simply send a professionally-worded 
follow-up to ensure that your email was recieved and to encourage a 
reply at their earliest convenience.

Kevin recently indicated they're working around the clock to deliver 
some interesting new goodies.  It could be the case that his posted 
wasn't some Big Lie to provide plausible deniability for an internal 
policy of throwing incoming emails into the trash while they spend their 
days at the local pub.  It might simply be that they're busy, and at 
this exact moment the need for yet another interface to this discussion 
is not the single highest priority they face.

Heather's email address is heather at runrev.com.

  Richard Gaskin
  Managing Editor, revJournal
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